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TOWN BOY (2011-2022)

Town Boy is a collection of ordinary moments plucked from the flow of time, sensitive to the slow pulses and rhythm of everyday life in South India. From as early as my teens to this day, I have been recording the essence of every new experience -roaming around the neighborhood, meeting old friends and many times making new ones.

At some point, like many others, I had to leave my hometown to move to a large city in search of new opportunities. As my life in a large city got suffocating, I began to seek relief by going back to photograph my home town or by going on treks, to take a deep breath. In this constant movement that is part of human existence, we leave behind the humbleness of our beginnings, losing our innocence in a small way. Recording this movement of life- connecting back with nature and my roots- has been a way to reconcile with the sudden shift of environment in my life.

I believe this world is a series of chain reactions and it is becoming clearer that every life on this planet is interrelated and every piece of life affects another, mildly or strongly, like the butterfly effect. Town Boy is about boyhood - an observation of the gradual transformation of my life from a small town to a cosmopolitan city.  

Edit by Sohrab Hura

Text transliteration by Karthik Subramanian

Supported by Serendipity Arles Grant 2020